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Planning a themed party, shower, event or occasion with an emphasis on everything purple? Maybe you have a birthday girl who wants purple everything, from her bedroom walls and clothing to her birthday party. Or perhaps you're hosting a bridal or baby shower with a soft violent theme. Maybe you have a student whose grad party has to be decked out in school colors like purple and gold. Whatever your preoccupation with purple, Candy Central can help you out with one of the most critical aspects of your event: the goodies! If you're looking for purple candy or purple-wrapped candy to blend with your lavender theme, check out our delicious selections below!

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Whether you're looking for chocolates, gummies, chewing gum, buttermints, fruity candy or fondant, Candy Central carries purple sweets that will satisfy in both color and flavor. Our candies are perfect for kids, adults and sugar-lovers of all ages. If you're entertaining a party of purple-loving little ones, try our Kid's Combo candy bags, sour berry gummy worms, purple Pop Rocks, grape gummies and grape Big League Chews. For more mature guests, maybe you'll like our light purple- and purple-shell M&M's, Chevron purple-wrapped buttermint creams and purple-wrapped Hershey's Kisses. You can even go all out by decorating your cakes with our purple fondant or dipping pretzels and fruits into purple chocolate fondue with our lavender candy melts. Whether you're looking for chocolate candy with purple wrappers, dark purple candy, lavender candy or all of the above, Candy Central has the sweets you need for every occasion. Order your purple candy in bulk today!

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