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Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks

POP ROCKS® is the leading popping candy brand worldwide, and has become synonymous with popping candy or candy that pops in your mouth. With loyal consumers since the 1970′s, POP ROCKS® has a wide target audience – from kids to older teens and nostalgic adults.

Based on a carbonated candy originally invented in the 1950s, a chemist reworked the original recipe twenty years later to refine it into America’s favorite exploding candy treat. This sugary treat will seem to fizzle and explode – making for one of the most fun and interactive candy experiences around!

Even better, we offer POP ROCKS® in bulk quantities, all individually wrapped – making for the perfect Halloween, party favor or event treat! Planning an 80’s themed party? These make for great party favors and table decorations!

For something that will really blow your mind, try using POP ROCKS® as the sugary rim for lemonade at a kids party. Or serve pop rocks rimmed cocktails at your next adult gathering for a fun twist that is sure to delight your guests!

When you order from Candy Central, you can get this delicious, fun popping candy at near wholesale prices — so it’s even more affordable to add some pop and pizzazz to your next party. Buy online today!

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