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Are you planning a get together to watch as stars get shiny gold statues for their on-screen performances during the Academy Awards? Or, are you planning a party to celebrate someone’s golden anniversary? Whatever the occasion, gold wrapped candy will make for the perfect party favor or treat!

Whether you want gold nugget candy, gold-wrapped chocolate, buttermint creams or another kind of candy wrapped in gold, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Candy Central.

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We have a wide variety of candy with gold wrappers. When you want tasty delights that look as great as they taste, our gold-wrapped sweets are the ticket.

At Candy Central, we don’t just sell candy. We sell bulk gold candy at affordable wholesale prices, which makes our treats even sweeter.

Tasty on the tongue, satisfying in your tummy and available at bulk prices, why wouldn’t you incorporate our golden candy into your next party? Can’t quite think of a theme for your celebration? Count on Candy Central! We’ll help you pick one for your event and assist you with ordering the gold-wrapped sweets you’ll need to make your party even more memorable.

Throw an unforgettable, visually appealing shindig with candy from Candy Central. Place your bulk gold candy order today!

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