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Sweet, sugary, chewy and irresistible, caramel is the star of so many tasty delights. We enjoy it in our frothy lattes and swirled over soft cakes, coating chocolate treats, baked into brownies and cookies, drizzled over ice cream sundaes and hardened into toffee and butterscotch. When it comes to savoring caramel flavors in bite-sized delights, however, nothing is more satisfying than caramel candy. If you're a caramel-lover like us, we think you'll enjoy everything we have to offer at Candy Central. With a wide assortment of caramel, we offer you our freshest treats at the lowest prices you can find online! Check out our collection below.

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With so many candy caramel options to choose from, Candy Central is perfect for catering to any occasion. Buy bulk caramel candy to pass out at Halloween, drop in your kids' stockings for Christmas, fill up a sweets bowl at a party or occupy your taste buds during stay-at-home movie night. No matter your preference, we have something sweet for you. Looking for chewy caramel candy? Our Milk Maid Candy Caramels are sure to satisfy. Prefer chocolate-covered caramel candy or chocolate and caramel candy bars? We carry Twix, Snickers, Milk Duds, Milky Ways, Pay Days, Rolos and more! From chewy, soft caramel candy to caramel hard candy, chocolate caramel candy and even caramel ice cream cones, Candy Central will satisfy your sweetest caramel cravings! Try buying caramel candy in bulk for big occasions to save even more.

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