Season of Giving

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The holiday season is here! Though it is unseasonably warm here at Candy Central, it was 68 degrees two days ago-25 degrees warmer than usual, this year it is our mission to bring a bit of the child-like wonder of the holiday season to our family and friends-on a budget.

Don’t we all love the magical feelings that the holidays bring? There is no better way to get in the “spirit” of the holidays than giving. Giving gifts spreads the joy of the season and should be done from the heart, not the price tag. Making your own gifts is the most fun and affordable way to show how much you care. There is nothing better than goodies made with love. So I am sharing my family’s gift offerings with you all so you can spread the love too!

Shh-don’t tell, but my sweet team here at Candy Central will all receive an assortment of chocolate bark in a festive bag decorated with a handmade “Snow Hat” ornament. Neighbors will receive an assortment of chocolate bark and homemade fudge. Family members will enjoy an assortment of bark, fudge and Christmas Blossom cookies…uh uh(finger shake), but not until after Christmas dinner 😉

Because chocolate bark is so easy you can make different batches for different groups. Simply melt your Wilton Candy Melts, pour it onto a parchment lined cookie sheet, sprinkle or swirl your add-ons in and let it set in the refrigerator-voila! Bark! So go ahead and line your cookie sheet with Waffle Pretzels, spread with melted chocolate and swirl in some melted Wilton Red or Green Melts for those who like sweet and salty. Got a peanut butter lover? No problem! Just spread your melted chocolate (kick it up a notch and swirl in Wilton Peanut Butter Melts) and sprinkle with generous amounts of chopped Reese’s Peanut butter cups-easy! Two batches done in 15 minutes (minus setting time)! For more awesome bark recipes visit our Pinterest board, Bark & Fudge.

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We also have plans for some great goodies to give the kids. We are making Candy Cane Reindeer, Snowman Oreos and Pretzel Rod Christmas Trees! So yummy and cute but easy to make, too!

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Sounds ambitious, I know, but notice a theme here? This can all be made together due to the common component-melted chocolate! Once you start melting your Wilton Melts for bark, it is just a few more steps to complete any of the other goodies. So I just melt A LOT of chocolate and start dipping/pouring! I know every bite will bring out the kid in everyone who is lucky enough to receive these edible gifts AND you know the only thing they will want to exchange is their empty containers for full ones! So that is how I plan to bring to others that magical wondrous feeling of the holiday season we had as kids. Mission accomplished.

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