Candy-Themed Wedding Centerpieces

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Candy Wedding Centerpiece


When you’re planning your wedding, you have many things you have to make decisions about. How you decorate the space for your wedding ceremony and reception is one of those decisions.

Whether you serve a full meal at your reception or not, you will probably still have tables for guests. Decorating those tables with unique centerpieces is another chance for you to personalize your wedding decorations.

The typical wedding centerpiece is a vase of flowers. If you’re looking for a more unique idea, you could consider using candy for your wedding centerpieces.

Fill a Vase With Candies

Why use sand or little pebbles to fill vases for centerpieces when you can use candy? If you use candy to fill your centerpieces, you have a nice treat when the party’s over — rather than just a bunch of sand and rocks.

Filling vases with candies, like Skittles or M&Ms, add a great pop of color to your wedding centerpieces, and you can still use your favorite flowers, too. If you make your centerpieces using candy, your guests also have something to snack on during the reception.

Create a Candy “Flower” Arrangement

If you really want to combine the whole candy and flower idea, you can also opt to create “candy flowers.” When you use candy in the place of flowers, you don’t have to worry about water spilling on the table, the flowers wilting or making sure the arrangements get to the venue on time.

It’s easy to make candy flower centerpieces for your wedding reception. Just buy the number of vases you need, along with a number of clear cellophane bags. Fill the bags with your candy, and use a ribbon that coordinates with your wedding colors to secure it. Then, attach the bag to a stick. Arrange your “flowers” in the vase however you please. You’ll save a lot of money with this centerpiece, and you can make them as far ahead as you’d like.

Add a Pop of Color With Lollipops

For a really unique and whimsical centerpiece, use lollipops. You can get creative with these centerpieces by using different colors and sizes of lollipops — and when they are finished and sitting on the tables, they’ll look amazing in photos!

To make these fun lollipop centerpieces for your wedding, put some Styrofoam into the bottom of a vase. Then, just put the sticks of the lollipops into the foam. It’s easy! Using those bigger, twisty lollipops work really well for this centerpiece instead of the smaller wrapped ones. But, you can use those smaller wrapped lollies to fill in around the bigger ones.

If you’re planning on using candy in your wedding centerpieces, you’ll probably have to buy in bulk. Candy Central offers a huge selection of different candies in all kinds of styles and flavors. Browse through our selection online, and you’re sure to become inspired. We also offer unique wedding candy, like candy rings and wedding M&Ms!