Candy Themed Wedding Favors Ideas

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Candy Wedding Favor Gifts for Guest


For many couples, their wedding is an event they look forward to sharing with their friends and family members. Of course, a wedding often consists of more than a ceremony and a fun-filled reception. Wedding favors remind your guests of the lasting commitment you and your significant other made to one another and the joy you shared with them on your special day.

When it comes to wedding favors, a lot of couples struggle to find the perfect idea to commemorate their union. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of wedding candy favor ideas that will make it simple and affordable for you to give your guests a tasty remembrance of your special day.

Here are some wedding favor ideas involving candy your guests are sure to love and appreciate:

Personalized Brown Bags

When you were a kid, do you remember being nervous about a test or a big sports match at school and finding a handwritten note from your mom or dad in your paper lunch bag, which instantly put a smile on your face? You can use this idea to put a smile on the faces of your wedding guests by using brown paper bags to create DIY candy wedding favors.

While you may not have time to draft handwritten notes for every bag, you can write your and your partner’s initials on the outside of the bag along with the date of your wedding. Alternatively, you can order monogrammed bags or pick some plain ones up at a dollar store and have a local print shop monogram them for you. You can then fill the bags with sweet confections your guests will enjoy, such as Hershey’s Kisses wrapped in an assortment of different colored foil.

Bride and Groom Favor Boxes

M&M’s Wedding Blend is among the best candy for wedding favors because it relays the sentiment of your special day perfectly with bite-sized messages of love. To create wedding favors your guests will truly appreciate, order some miniature bride and groom favor boxes that are similar to the toppers on your wedding cake and fill them with M&M’s Wedding Blend treats.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for making wedding favors because your guests can see the yumminess that awaits them. Filling small mason jars with vibrantly-colored candy, affixing a label that includes your and your spouse’s initials as well as your wedding date and displaying them on a buffet will have everyone eager to take a wedding favor home. Celebration by SweetWorks Pearls Candy in Bright Pink and Lavender are fantastic choices to create eye-catching, mouth-watering DIY candy wedding favors.

If you already know what kind of wedding favors you want to make for your guests, we encourage you to visit our Wedding Candy Page to find the tasty treats that will make your favors as sweet as the vows you and your spouse exchanged. Check out our wedding candy and place an order with Candy Central today!