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American Licorice Co.

American Licorice Co.
Licorice root has been prized for its rich flavor and for over 3,000 years – King Tut, Alexander the Great, Roman Emperor Caesar, the Ancient Chinese and the Native Americans were known to appreciate its natural properties. In 1914, the American Licorice™ Company began with its first product-Black Licorice Twists in Chicago, IL. They also produced flavored vines-Purple Vines (grape flavored), Green Vines (peppermint flavored), Chocolate Vines and Natural Licorice Bars. Sour Punch®, a sour-flavored candy in a thin straw format were a product of the 90’s that was expanded into Sour Punch® Bits, Sour Punch® Ropes, Sour Punch® Beanz and Sour Punch® Twists.
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