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PartySweets’ Customized Candy

These days, you don’t see much customized themes going around when it comes to candy. Buy a piece of candy today, and the wrappers just seem so…generic. Pop on a logo, some phrase or another, nutrient facts, and ingredients, and bam-most candy wrappers explained in four simple steps.

From common peasants to powerful kings, the idea that aesthetic appeal on candy wrappers is no longer much of a concern or a choice would make them scream in horror and heartbreaking grief and agony.

That is, until they’ve seen PartySweets comes into play.

Only then will a shining realization dawn upon you – there are choices! (Disclaimer: Futuristic tiny movie screens on candy wrappers not likely…anywhere.) PartySweets, a division of Hospitality Mints, was launched in 2009 for the sole purpose of giving the people some freedom of choice when it comes to ordering candy for special occasions.

Before the wrappers, allow me to describe the candy itself. PartySweets is largely known for their fantastic mints. The candy is a delight with a slightly tough shell of mint that entombs even more mint that’s creamy and outrageously delicious. Each piece is somewhat small but does a wonderful job of leaving that fresh mint taste in your mouth after just consuming one. In a more likely scenario, where you’ll find you just had more than you probably should have, the taste of mint will only build up and the cream will not, thankfully, stay around in your mouth as if you had just eaten chocolate.

Now, for the wrappers. These wrappers are equipped with designs fitting for a stunning amount of occasions. To give you an inkling of just how many occasions these are suited for,   here’s a small list:

  • 25th Anniversary
  • 50th Anniversary
  • Award Night
  • Baby Blue
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Fiesta(!)
  • Birthday Parties
  • Thank You’s




There’s also a few ones which are simply colored (green, orange, ZEBRA) and could feel appropriate in any situation. Host one party with these, and you’ll be guaranteed a gasp of surprise from the guests and numerous people complimenting you on your ability to do the meaning of a party justice.

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