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Milky Way Midnight Minis

Milky Way Midnight Minis were originally the Halloween go-to snack. How perfectly fitting is a dark snack on a very, very dark night? Not only are they bite-size and enriched with dark chocolate, but are packed into a bulk bag – so you can treat-or-treat ALL the kids who knock on your door. Even if your daily mantra is milky chocolate, you’ll be forced to reconcile the thought after you sneak one of these chocolates. The very taste of vanilla nougat mixed with creamy caramel, topped with semi-sweet chocolate can be described as none other than heaven.

They are sold primarily in 10.50-oz bags, 297.7 grams, and are said to provide 7 servings; but let’s be honest. After the first bar, you’ll be hooked. You’re going to need a lot more than that to satisfy yourself, the kids, and even grandma and grandpa. Because they are exclusively sold, you’d probably be better off ordering a whole bunch at a time. The more you get, the more I eat – oh did I say me? I meant you of course. I guess I’m craving one just from talking about it. Milky Way Midnights can do that to you sometimes.

Ingredients: semisweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate processed with alkali, cocoa butter, chocolate, milk-fat, soy lecithin, vanilla extract, artificial and natural flavors), corn syrup, sugar, skim milk, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, less than 2% – butter, milk-fat, lactose, salt, egg whites, soy protein, vanilla extract, artificial flavor.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 180. Calories from fat 60. Total Fat 7g. Saturated Fat 4g. Trans Fat 0mg. Cholesterol 5 mg. Sodium 70g. Total Carbohydrate 29g. Dietry Fiber 1g. Sugars 24g. Protein 1g. Calcium 2%. Iron 2%.

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