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Life-Savers Five FlavorsLifesavers brand was launched in 1912, and over the years has built a ring shaped candy empire that is best known for their three types of candy, all perfected over the past century: Lifesavers hard candy, Lifesavers gummy candy, and Lifesavers mints. A favorite among gummy consumers are the Lifesavers Gummies Wild Berries. They are a take on the classic Lifesavers Gummies, with a real twist. Unlike many other gummy candies, or just any other assorted multicolored candies for that matter, Lifesavers Gummies Wild Berries assure a distinct taste for each individual flavor. Each pouch contains a fair share of cherry-berry, strawberry, red raspberry, black raspberry, blackberry, and white grape.

The cherry-berry flavor has a very recognizable cherry candy taste, but does not leave an overly sweet aftertaste in your mouth.Both the black raspberry and red raspberry contain a perfect mixture of sweet and tangy flavor – if seeds were added, they would taste like the real thing. Same goes for the strawberry flavor, which even has that tart-like aftertaste that real strawberries leave behind. The blackberry lifesaver gummy, not to be confused with grape flavor by its deep purple color, has a subtle true-to-life berry flavor that is distinguished more so by its scent than by its actual taste. The white grape is the easiest flavor to differentiate in the bunch by its pale yellow color. Just remove the gummy consistency and it’s just like drinking white grape juice.

With six perfectly engineered flavors, only 130 calories per plentiful serving, and a century of accomplishment behind the product, Lifesavers Gummies Wild Berries will continue to be a top pick for gummy lovers everywhere.

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