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Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

Tasty Tree Lights CookiesThis year the Christmas season seems to have barrelled down upon us.  The stores barely had their Halloween décor stored away or their Turkeys & Pilgrims displayed before Rudolf & Santa made their first appearances. For me it doesn’t feel like Chrismas without my yearly ritural.  I need to wait until we have at least  exhausted the Thanksgiving leftovers so I can start baking a few batches of holiday cookies-have to make sure we have some for Santa!  MMMM Sugar Cookie Holiday Lights with M&M® or Peanut Butter Blossoms and a nice cup of cocoa-now we’re talking!  Then to really bring on the holiday spirit I need to sit in front of the twinkling Christmas tree with my family and watch National Lampoon’s A Christmas Vacation (the squirrel in the Christmas tree!) and A Christmas Story (You’ll shoot your eye out!)…now I’m feeling it!  What goodies and movies get you in the holiday spirit?

M&M’s Sugar Cookie Holiday Lights Recipe (pictured above)

Prep Time: 10 min.

Bake Time: 45 min.

Difficulty: Moderate

Yield: Makes 24 cookies.


2/3 cup flour 

1 18 oz. roll refrigerated sugar cookie dough

1½ cups prepared vanilla frosting 

3 cups M&M’S® Milk Chocolate Candies Holiday Blend 

4 strands red licorice laces 

Resealable plastic bags 

Drinking straw 

Christmas light shaped cookie cutter (small)


1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 

2. Knead the flour into the cookie dough until smooth. 

3. Roll the dough out to 1/4-inch thickness. By hand, or using a Christmas light cookie cutter, cut out shapes. 

4. With a spatula, gently transfer the cookies to a baking sheet.  Using a drinking straw, press a hole at the top of each cookie. 

5. Bake for 15 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack and let cool completely. 

6. Separate different colors of M&M’S® Brand Minis Chocolate Candies, and set aside. 

7. Spread vanilla frosting on top of each cookie. Arrange a solid color of M&M’S® Brand Minis Chocolate Candies on top of each cookie. 

8. Let the cookies dry for 30 minutes. Run licorice laces through each hole, connecting the cookies into one continuous strand. 

9. Tip for a quicker and lighter version: Tint frosting to match the M&M’S® Brand Minis Chocolate Candies. Frost the cookies and then decorate with color coordinated M&M’S® Brand Minis Chocolate Candies. 

Wrigley’s Extra Dessert Delights Key Lime Pie Gum

I don’t know about other mortals, but in my experience heavy, heavy rainfalls tend to dissipate rapidly. One moment it’s sunshine; then, rather suddenly, the world goes dark and the sky weeps in torrential downpours. Following that, in a just as sudden instant, the sky clears and there’ll be an untainted canvas of clear blue sky. The rain would seem to have never even occurred but for the typically large puddles that so rapidly accumulated in those brief moments.

Similarly, Wrigley’s Key Lime gum will blast and pelt you with an explosion of flavor for a short burst of time, but will quickly fade and leave you with only a memory. That, and some near-tasteless gum which, I must admit, has quite a few irritating properties. To begin-that explosion of flavor will stagger you. That key lime pie flavor is exactly what one’d look for when searching for a…well, key lime pie flavored gum. That element of lime is definitely present, and it’s backed by a creamy flavor very reminiscent of the real pie, which one may not expect from gum. Where this gum fails, however, is in duration. The initial flavor takes a handful of moments to wear itself out, unlike many other gums.

The texture is another flaw in this gum. At first, there’s a creamy composition to be discovered and greatly enjoyed, but with every bite it gets harder…and harder…and harder, until you’re almost afraid it’ll become sentient and begin to forcibly rip out your teeth from their place.

As a whole, this gum does fulfill its place as a dessert-style candy, especially as it exceeds all expectations in the key lime pie flavor department. It’s also well worth noting that this product is sugar-free. If you decide to give it a shot, keep the aforementioned benefits and drawbacks in mind!


Sorbitol, Gum Base, Glycerol, Natural and Artificial Flavors; Less than 2% of: Hydronated STarch Hydrolysate, Cirtic Acid, Soy Lecithin, Aspartame, Acesulfame, Mannitol, Aspartame, Malic Acid, Sucralose, Fumaric Acid, Colors, Acesulfame K, BHT.
Contains Phenylalanine

Nutrition Facts:

Serving size: 1 stick. Calories 5, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Total Carbohydrate 2g, Sugars 0g, Protein 0g

Wholesale Key Lime Pie

M&M Pretzels

M&M Pretzel King Size (24 Ct)
M&M Pretzel King Size (24 Ct)
M&M’s didn’t get popular and incredibly widespread renown for nothing. The compliments that are so frequently showered upon the brand are wholly justified, as any rationale person could tell you (no offense to M&M haters, although the term ‘rationale’ may not apply to you guys). Today, they’ve earned a LOT more respect and admiration from me, when I found the opportunity to taste their Pretzel M&Ms. Opportunity, however, is a word that seems so…lacking in my attempt to completely describe how great a delight it was to feast upon these small delightful candies.

On the surface, they appear to be just like regular M&M’s, sharing a distinct similarity in appearance to Peanut M&M’s. Indeed, the first thing you’ll taste is that trademark chocolate that, in my opinion, has no peer when you’re looking for something munch on. An instant later you’ll encounter the core of the treats, a ball-shaped peanut. I didn’t taste much salt, as the wrapper claims to be included, but I didn’t mind at all in favor of the amazing blend of M&M’s chocolate and a good peanut. The two compliment each other perfectly, as if soul mates joining in joyous rapture.

These are definitely a candy you won’t want to miss. Truth be told I ate through the meager single bag I had and found myself sobbing in in wistful sorrow (this may or may not be slightly exaggerated) after the bag’s contents mysteriously disappeared. Next time I get  the stuff again…I’ll probably do the same thing. I suggest you do the same!

This product is Kosher OU.


Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate, Skim Milk, Cocoa Butter, Lactose, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Artifical Flavors), Pretzel [Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, RiboFlavin, Folic Acid), Salt, Food Starch-Modified, Vegetable Oil (Soybean Oil, Canola Oil and/or Corn Oil), Malt, Leavening (Yeast, Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate)], Sugar. Less than 2%: Cornstarch, Corn Syrup, Dextrin, Coloring, Gum Acacia.
May Contain Peanuts

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 17 pieces. Calories 180, Total Fat 6g, Cholesterol 5mg, Sodium 190mg, Total Carbohydrates 28g, Sugars 20g, Protein 2g, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron

Where to buy M&M Pretzel King Size:

PartySweets’ Customized Candy

These days, you don’t see much customized themes going around when it comes to candy. Buy a piece of candy today, and the wrappers just seem so…generic. Pop on a logo, some phrase or another, nutrient facts, and ingredients, and bam-most candy wrappers explained in four simple steps.

From common peasants to powerful kings, the idea that aesthetic appeal on candy wrappers is no longer much of a concern or a choice would make them scream in horror and heartbreaking grief and agony.

That is, until they’ve seen PartySweets comes into play.

Only then will a shining realization dawn upon you – there are choices! (Disclaimer: Futuristic tiny movie screens on candy wrappers not likely…anywhere.) PartySweets, a division of Hospitality Mints, was launched in 2009 for the sole purpose of giving the people some freedom of choice when it comes to ordering candy for special occasions.

Before the wrappers, allow me to describe the candy itself. PartySweets is largely known for their fantastic mints. The candy is a delight with a slightly tough shell of mint that entombs even more mint that’s creamy and outrageously delicious. Each piece is somewhat small but does a wonderful job of leaving that fresh mint taste in your mouth after just consuming one. In a more likely scenario, where you’ll find you just had more than you probably should have, the taste of mint will only build up and the cream will not, thankfully, stay around in your mouth as if you had just eaten chocolate.

Now, for the wrappers. These wrappers are equipped with designs fitting for a stunning amount of occasions. To give you an inkling of just how many occasions these are suited for,   here’s a small list:

  • 25th Anniversary
  • 50th Anniversary
  • Award Night
  • Baby Blue
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Fiesta(!)
  • Birthday Parties
  • Thank You’s




There’s also a few ones which are simply colored (green, orange, ZEBRA) and could feel appropriate in any situation. Host one party with these, and you’ll be guaranteed a gasp of surprise from the guests and numerous people complimenting you on your ability to do the meaning of a party justice.

Milky Way Midnight Minis

Milky Way Midnight Minis were originally the Halloween go-to snack. How perfectly fitting is a dark snack on a very, very dark night? Not only are they bite-size and enriched with dark chocolate, but are packed into a bulk bag – so you can treat-or-treat ALL the kids who knock on your door. Even if your daily mantra is milky chocolate, you’ll be forced to reconcile the thought after you sneak one of these chocolates. The very taste of vanilla nougat mixed with creamy caramel, topped with semi-sweet chocolate can be described as none other than heaven.

They are sold primarily in 10.50-oz bags, 297.7 grams, and are said to provide 7 servings; but let’s be honest. After the first bar, you’ll be hooked. You’re going to need a lot more than that to satisfy yourself, the kids, and even grandma and grandpa. Because they are exclusively sold, you’d probably be better off ordering a whole bunch at a time. The more you get, the more I eat – oh did I say me? I meant you of course. I guess I’m craving one just from talking about it. Milky Way Midnights can do that to you sometimes.

Ingredients: semisweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate processed with alkali, cocoa butter, chocolate, milk-fat, soy lecithin, vanilla extract, artificial and natural flavors), corn syrup, sugar, skim milk, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, less than 2% – butter, milk-fat, lactose, salt, egg whites, soy protein, vanilla extract, artificial flavor.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 180. Calories from fat 60. Total Fat 7g. Saturated Fat 4g. Trans Fat 0mg. Cholesterol 5 mg. Sodium 70g. Total Carbohydrate 29g. Dietry Fiber 1g. Sugars 24g. Protein 1g. Calcium 2%. Iron 2%.

Where to buy Milky Way Midnight Minis at wholesale prices

Nerds Rainbow Theater Box

Nerds Rainbow Theater Box (12 Ct)Nerds have been around since the early 1980s, and most big kids (aka adults) recall their beloved Nerds lodged inside of a duplex box, coupling two flavors side by side. Now while this packaging is still widely available and tremendously popular, the Rainbow Nerds box contains 5 non-compartmentalized flavors: strawberry, grape, sour apple, lemonade, and orange. Our founding fathers, who preached about the possibilities of abundance, would probably have had the following input regarding such an event: “Why settle for two flavors, when you can have five?” While some (perhaps neurotic) people may prefer to concentrate on one flavor at a time, it appears that the majority of candy consumers like the chaotic spectrum that they find when pouring out a handful of uniquely shaped Nerds. Although the florescent colors of Nerds Rainbow candy can solely be found on the Las Vegas strip, one can still symbolically compare these little nuggets of joy to snowflakes: No two are alike and they feel great when they land on your tongue.
While most candy packages are about 3 times the size of their actual cargo, Nerds containers are packed almost all the way full. So you’re not just getting what you paid for…relatively speaking, you are probably getting even more. Rainbow Nerds are prevalently sold in a classic movie theater box with a convenient re-sealing tab on the side to keep the Nerds from spilling out and of course, to save some for later. The box itself is decked out with an attractive array of colors, stamped with the famous Wonka manufacturer logo, and intermittently decorated with little creatures closely resembling what a frog and platypus hybrid baby might look like. Next time you think “nerd,” instead of imagining the Steve Urkelcliché, think adorable brightly colored amphibian.
Similar to the carefully selected candy brand name Smarties, Nerds implya certain level of intelligence upheld by its consumers. So next time you need a sweet fix, don’t be a dummy – grab a tangy delicious generously filled box of Rainbow Nerds.

Smarties Candy Rolls

Smarties Jar (180 Ct)The perfectly named popular and timeless candy, Smarties Candy Rolls are a tangy sweet sugary treat. Each compact roll holds 15 itty bitty bite sized candy tarts held together by the classic signature clear wrapper, stamped with the multicolored Smarties logo. Each roll holds 6 different flavors – most folks aren’t even aware of this fact: These flavors actually have names. They are not just pastel colored sugar cylinders. The white ones are an orange-cream flavor and they tend to dissolve faster than the rest. And while the orange-cream is abnormally white – a color you do not find most in most assorted fruity candies – the pastel orange Smarties are indeed the flavor orange. Unconventionally so, the pastel green Smarties are a strawberry flavor and if you really allow them to melt in your mouth, you can taste a hint of that tangy strawberry flavor. The other flavors are pineapple (yellow), cherry (pink), and grape (purple). All of the assorted Smarties wafers have such a subtle flavor that it’s almost impossible to tell which flavor is which, but strangely enough they do differ in the way they taste.
Besides the flavor, there is something magical about this long-standing famous candy roll. They seem to have a mysteriously addictive effect on people. Not just children, but adults too. You can never just eat a few and then put them away for a rainy day. A lot of folks mechanically untwist the wrapper and dump the whole 15 piece count into their mouth. Perhaps it’s the subtle flavor that makes our insatiable taste buds squirmand scream for more, or maybe it’s the unique gritty and creamy mixture of textures that pleases untouched sensory centers in our pre-programmed sugar loving brains. Whatever the reason, they are absolutely fabulous and continue to fly off the shelves.
Clever little Smarties.

Mega Warheads Tub

This tub of Warheads extreme sour candy contains 240 pieces of painfully delicious treats that will make even the toughest of the tough pucker up! Each 0.05 OZ piece of candy comes individually wrapped in flavor-coded colorful wrapping.

The Warheads Mega Tub contains assorted flavors which include apple, black, cherry, blue, raspberry, lemon, and watermelon. (Be careful with that lemon flavored one – the tartness is insane!!)

Every candy wrapper also has a picture of the infamous puckering man with an exploding head and the warheads brand name – think of him as the “hazardous materials” symbol.

Warheads are not for the weak at heart – this sour candy is for those who can handle the intense flavor. Warheads candy definitely separates the men from the boys, but certainly unties the sweet and sour minded folks!

And there’s no need to settle for just one piece or one flavor – why not buy an entire Mega Warheads Tub? Share in the greatness and magnificence of 240 pieces with your friends, family, co-workers, kids, and anyone else you deem privileged in your life.  Great for fundraisers, Halloween candy, or just to pelt at your friends…ok maybe just the first two.

Can you handle the intensity?

Tarts & Crafts

Don’t play with your food.
But DEFINITELY play with your candy.
Kids are going to eat candy whether we like it or not. I guess it’s just a part of being a kid. I know I absolutely adored candy when I was little (still do, but that’s neither here nor there). Cakes and cookies (and vegetables) I could do without, but candy was my number one treat.
My kids definitely inherited my sweet tooth and always ask for a jolly rancher here or a tootsie roll there. So if they are going to eat sweets, the least I can do is try to make the situation fun and creative. Using my noodle, I gathered some great activity ideas for birthday parties, play dates, craft time… I’m not going to lie; I definitely “borrowed” some of these ideas from my girlfriends (and their husbands too of course! Credit must be given where credit is due…)

1. Make your own personalized trail mix.
Simple! You can buy an assortment of candies and nuts in bulk (I prefer to buy from … they have a great selection and low prices). Split the treats up into different bowls, and then package them up to your taste buds’ delight! To add a little pizzazz, get your pick of party favor baggies and different colored gift wrapping ribbon. The kids can make delectable gift bags and exchange with each other.

2. Create a sweeter, juicer, fruitier, gingerbread man! (hold the ginger and hold the bread)
If you already plan on baking some cookies, make sure to have a gingerbread man cookie cutter handy. After the little men are done baking, spread your favorite frosting flavor on the entire top surface. You can then use jelly beans, Nerds, Skittles, even pulled licorice, and any other fun colorful little candies to decorate your own gingerbread man. Fun hint: Use the licorice to make the hair!

3. Make candy jewelry.
OK…no brainer – you could always buy a bunch of those pastel colored candy necklaces already packaged up…but what’s the fun in that? I think it would be more fun to personalize each necklace (or bracelet) to each child. This is a great idea to keep the kids busy during a birthday party. Ok, here’s what you’ll need:
- Bite-size candy that comes in a variety of colors. Preferably the kind that doesn’t melt right away. I.e. Gummy Bears, jelly beans, lifesavers (they are the best because they have a pre-made hole), Dots, etc.
- Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers or just regular lanyard.
- Toothpicks and scissors.
Just use the toothpicks to poke holes in the candies and string them onto the Twizzlers (one pulled off piece at a time) or use the lanyard as the string.
The lanyard will last longer than the candy string, but in my experience, it doesn’t really matter because the candy will be eaten anyhow!

4. Go Fish with Swedish Fish!
I honestly do not want to offend any parents here by teaching their children the fun in gambling. After all, we are using candy, not money. Assuming you already know the rules to the classic card game, Go Fish, proceed to deal cards out to all the players. Every time a player is told to “Go Fish,” they must draw a card from the pool….AND a Swedish Fish from the bowl of candy. In this version of the game, everyone wins!

5. You won’t need a crystal ball to be a fortune teller…find out who’s got a crush on who using Sweethearts Candy Hearts.
When I was a little girl, we had all sorts of games to predict our “very complicated” little love lives. Remember those little origami finger fortunes? Well this is even easier to do. Ask a question or call out a name of the suitor in mind and pick from a box of Sweethearts Candy Hearts. Answers will vary from “text me” to “true love,” or “sweet dreams” and “ask me.” Interpret the messages as you like, but please remember not to take the suggestions too seriously. It is just candy after all ;)

6. Sushi candy.
If there’s anything I enjoy as much as candy, it is sushi. So why not combine the two? My girlfriend actually served candy sushi at an adult cocktail hour … so much fun! Here are some preparation ideas: As rice, use plain white marshmallows or for a more authentic look, cut up Rice Krispies treats. Fruit roll-up makes awesome seaweed paper to bring the whole thing together, and here’s my personal pick: Swedish Fish Sea life candies as the pieces of fish! Each package has a variety of colors and they already look like seafood! Gourmet cuisine, voila!
I would suggest that the best way to go about candy crafting would be to give the kids (or adults…just bigger kids) plenty of options. Put your own spin on any of the ideas above. Just make sure to have a variety of sweet treats at home. There are plenty of online vendors that sell bulk candy. As I mentioned before, my personal favorite is
Happy crafting y’all!

TREAT-ing the problem

Some folks take a yoga or meditation class. Some take a trip to their local pharmacist and pick up a little orange bottle full of the latest craze on the market. While others pay big bucks to sit on a couch and purge their melancholies to a little man in a tweed jacket and spectacles, firmly gripping a yellow pad and pricey ink pen. And yes, there are those who feel the need to participate in all of the above.

Personally, I think there is much more effective – not to mention less expensive – means by which we can solve this “down-in-the-dumps” problem that many people suffer from. It is so simple, so obvious, that a kindergartener could figure it out! So in the spirit of simplicity and innocence, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane…

You are six years and have finally mustered up enough courage to mount your brand new bicycle (bye-bye training wheels!). You feel safe because your Pop is holding on to the back of your seat as you approach that first hill by your house. As you begin to accelerate, you turn your head to make sure Pop is still there but all you see is a man the size of an action figure far off in the distance clapping and cheering. That traitor! Turning back, disoriented by betrayal, you lose your stability and go tumbling off your bike. After about ten seconds of being paralyzed by fear (yes, for a six year old this feels like a near-death experience), you begin to cry out in agony. Mom comes running outside, stopping first to briefly scold your Pop, then over to her poor baby to clean and bandage you up. But that isn’t enough to replace the pain and sorrow and deep, deep distress in which that you now find yourself. Now Mom, being mystical and brilliant as she is, knows EXACTLY what you need. She runs inside and brings back the emergency Hershey bar that she had been saving for a time just like this. And voila! The milk-chocolate goodness wipes away all the tears and fears of that incident.

So what has happened to us since then? What has tainted us in our adult years so completely,that we look to Freudian, pharmaceutical and all sorts of other trendy, new-age solutions as a cure toour woes? Well I’m not here to answer such deep and though provoking questions. I am just here to remind you of what works:

On those days when the world feels solemn and humorless, I would recommend a couple bites off a Snickers bar. If this treatment does not produce any positive effects within half an hour, please help yourself to some Chuckles Jellies – one of the delicious flavors is bound to bring a smile to your face. This next boo-hoo remedy speaks for itself – Almond Joy. If you are feeling especially nutty and particularly joy-less, I would suggest an Almond Joy King Size, maybe even two.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want someone to hold you and tell you “It’s all going to be alright”? Yet no person can be found and you feel all alone in this big, bad world… Don’t worry; just grab a bag of Hershey Kisses or Hershey Kisses Hugs – a delicious combo of Hershey’s milk chocolate hugged to perfection with sweet white cream.Can you feel the love? Or can you at least taste it?

Sometimes, life is moving along decently, with no worries for the most part… but that gaping hole in your pocket is burning a hole in the back of your head. Of course as a mere six year old, this wasn’t your main concern, or really a concern at all. But as a responsible, hardworking adult, you just can’t seem to make ends meet. Well that’s just not fair! You deserve to be happy and prosperous! Indulge yourself with a sticky, crunchy, wonderful Payday. Maybe peanuts are not your thing, or perhaps your needs exceed just one Payday. Then may I recommend taking the whole 100 Grand – A caramel and rice crispy candy bar covered with Nestle chocolate.

As most therapists would say, honesty is the first step to getting well. So let’s really get honest with ourselves people: Some days, you don’t want to find a way to cheer up. That self-pity feels so safe, and you’re getting used to the smell of sitting in your own….doo-doo (common you guys, this is rated PG!). You just want someone to commiserate with and to compare your stories of deep agony. On these days, I prescribe a giant box of Kleenex and ginormous Cry Baby Tub of Sour Bubblegum – all 240 pieces of it. Let the flooding begin!

There are so many other TREAT-ments available to remedy the exact nature of your woes. This is great news! There is always hope – so wipe away those tears, pull the covers off of your head, and tear open a cheery colored package of candy. Take two, then call me in the morning.

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