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Retro Candy-Blog 12-16-13

So the year is winding down and it is a time for reflection and remembrance.  For many of us these memories are initiated by a ‘trigger’.  A song on the radio, an old picture or a childhood favorite candy treat.  For me, Bit O Honey, Mary Janes, Tootsie Rolls, Bazooka and Swedish Fish often bring back my childhood.  They take me to a wonderful place when you got a good report card and the dollar you earned for it burned a hole in your pocket.  I would bounce around like a rubber ball till my mom said I was free to go then I would hop on my bike and ride over to the corner store.  There the counter was like a wonderland of sweet delights!  You could get enough candy for you and all your neighborhood friends and still have enough money from your dollar for a drink, chips and come out with change!  Then it was off to the local park with all of my friends on our bikes where we would munch on our sweets as we rode the merry-go-round till we were dizzy or rode through the streets of town till the street lights came on.  Good times! What candy brings back fond memories for you?

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